ADULTHOOD UPDATES: I’m having a crisis because I can’t decide which Pokémon to use on my team in X.

NEW YORK CITY UPDATES: walked past a guy reading loudly from a Bible on a street corner, randomly inserting variations on the word “fuck” into the middle of sentences with gusto. 

that’s awesome! what color is it? if you feel like posting a picture when you’re done, i’d love to see it

Thanks! The main body is a medium purple colour and it’s going to have two bands of bluish black and peacock blue around the edges. I’ll post a picture when it’s done (providing I can take a good one), I’m hoping to have it done in time to wear it for a seder at my friends’ place tomorrow night.

And if anyone’s curious, I’m using this pattern

I have never crocheted before and I am trying to crotchet my own yarmulke right now and I keep on oscillating between, "this is awesome, I’m doing great, this is so satisfying, I’m learning a new skill" and "oh no oh no oh no what did I do fuck oh no oh no" 

I gradually realized that my own fiction was telling me that I could no longer ignore the feminine. While I was writing The Eye of the Heron in 1977, the hero insisted on destroying himself before the middle of the book. “Hey,” I said, “you can’t do that, you’re the hero. Where’s my book?” I stopped writing. The book had a woman in it, but I didn’t know how to write about women. I blundered around a while and then found some guidance in feminist theory. I got excited when I discovered feminist literary criticism was something I could read and actually enjoy. I read The Norton Book of Literature by Women from cover to cover. It was a bible for me. It taught me that I didn’t have to write like an honorary man anymore, that I could write like a woman and feel liberated in doing so.

Ursula K. Le Guin, when asked in a 1995 interview in Whole Earth Review what role feminism has played in her writing.

I started tearing up when I read that last sentence, which is something that I have also felt in relation to my own work. I hope that one day every female writer, artist, and creator—especially the young ones—can come to understand this too.


Io begs for matzos and wishes you a happy Pesach!

Let’s enjoy some cute jewish positivity for once with this Precious Passover Baby


Io begs for matzos and wishes you a happy Pesach!

Let’s enjoy some cute jewish positivity for once with this Precious Passover Baby

*smears the blood of a lamb above my url*

Well my blog went from “cute animals and cute video games and cute video games about animals” to “I want to kill a nazi” really quickly

A song, a Psalm of Asaf
Oh G-d, don’t keep Your silence, don’t hold your peace, don’t be still
For Your enemies are in an uproar, they that hate You have reared their heads
They connive against Your people, and plot against Your people
They say: “Come! Let us cut them off from being a nation! Let the Name of Israel be remembered no more!”
For they have conferred together, against You do they make a covenant

Oh, my G-d, make them like dust, like straw before the winds
As fire burns the forest; and as the flame sets the mountains ablaze
So pursue them with Your tempest, terrify them with Your storm
Fill their faces with disgrace that they may seek Your Name, Adonai
Let them be ashamed and frightened forever, let them be abashed and die
That they may know it is You alone whose name is the Lord, Most High Over All The Earth!
Psalm 83:1-6, 14-19 (via baruchobramowitz)


This will be treated as an isolated event. The sanity of the shooter will be cast into doubt, his politics will be obscured. He may be charged with a hate crime, but “terrorism” will never be mentioned. The community of Nazis which helped this man bridge the gap between hating Jews and killing Jewish children will not be uprooted. The society which allows such communities to persist, which tolerates their existence will wash its hands of any responsibility.

The Nazi is the token by which the world absolves itself of antisemitism.