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Raise your hand if being in the gifted program simultaneously really helped you and really fucked you up.

More gifted program elitism memories: 

On the first day of the 6th grade the Reading teacher had us write down a list of our 10 favorite books, then told us that the Harry Potter series only counted as one book because it was “too easy to read” and then went on a really snotty rant about how much she disliked Harry Potter and how badly written it was and how we shouldn’t be reading them.

To a bunch of 11-year-olds. On their first day of middle school. In 2001. At the height of the Harry Potter craze. Knowing that those books were probably some of the first novels we ever read and likely inspired many of us to get invested in reading. You can imagine how many of us felt about her rant.

I can understand not liking Harry Potter and wanting better for your students, but I don’t think that strategy was very helpful  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Random gifted program anecdotes:

In my sophomore year of high school my English teacher discouraged me from reading the comic Maus by Art Speigelman, which I asked her about because there were copies of it in our classroom, because “it’s only for the students in the regular classes who need pictures to help them read” and, because I was a gifted student in the honors class, I was “too advanced for that.” 

But she did have us honors students read Animal Farm, which is actually for babies, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New Menstrual Cycle Lows: I am spraying globs of whipped cream onto a fork and licking them off, repeatedly 

One day I’m going to be in the news because I failed at doing a dangerous home hysterectomy because I just couldn’t take having to menstruate anymore

After my Terrible Fanfiction Adventure I feel like I need a shower. Twenty showers. A shower that penetrates deep into my soul.

A treasury of Holocaust AUs from

I am sorry but the rest of you must suffer with me

There is so much about fandom I Just Don’t Get.

There are 144 fanfics in Archive of Our Own’s “Holocaust” tag and I’m screaming internally.

Why do One Direction, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Sherlock, Supernatural, Homestuck, Les Mis, Teen Wolf, Rise of the Guardians, etc characters need to experience the Holocaust? Why, why, why? This is beyond my ability to fathom.